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Jobs & advice 4 Brazil? Anyone? Especially Bahia Pls hel

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Joined: 12 Jan 2005
Posts: 5
Location: Ireland

PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2005 4:10 pm    Post subject: Jobs & advice 4 Brazil? Anyone? Especially Bahia Pls hel Reply with quote


I am a thirty year old, 100 hour Foundation course, TEFL qualified teacher from Ireland, without teaching experience who has been diligently saving for the past few months to set sail for South America in the next month or two to share in a new culture and fund myself through teaching English. I do have experience as a teacher in a sound engineering course of native English speaking students from teenage to middle-aged years and have a BA degree in history and archaeology.

I had read up, using; unfortunately, slightly dated material and decided on Ecuador because of its safety, inexpensiveness and topographical and ethnic mix in such a small country. However, I have just recently found out that the first of these are not necessarily true and that the teaching opportunities, at least those that pay, are not thick on the ground. So my search begins afresh, researching teaching opportunities, cost of living (accommodation, food, travel, fun) from savings, and versus a teaching wage, safety, best times and places for job-hunting, visas and long-stay beauraucracy and the general good-time atmosphere of a place, or not.

Initially, when deciding on Ecuador, because from what I had read it had everything in a safe, relatively cheap, small country, I had decided against Brazil because of perceived crime levels, gleemed from my scant reading. However, if I am really honest with myself, Brazil is the destination to which I would most like to go to and live in. I have been lucky enough to have travelled quite a lot in my years but as yet have not made it to South America or Africa. Both places I associate with passion for life and I don't think I could find a better place to visit the two in one go than to go to Brazil.

In my travels I have visited mostly western countries but found the most excitement from being in countries where the culture and my surroundings seemed fresh and new to me. For this reason, and those above, I am most interested in the teaching prospects of the Bahia region of the country. I would love to work in a small city or town/village, preferably on the coast, or in the major centres of Salvador and Recife.

If anybody can pass on any recent information on the topics in question I would be most grateful. My other reason for side-lining Brazil initially was the cost, especially of accommodation which seemed like high, tourist prices. I would not be looking for hotel accommodation, unless it was very cheap but rather hostels, cheap hotels or any other possiblility which would enable a traveller to live off their meagre savings while looking for steady work. I hear that if you wish to rent an apartment that the locals know the situation and require a minimum six months to a year's prepaid rent. Which I think is a little excessive, especially as I probably won't have a teaching job to go to and build around when I land, and could only stay a maximum of six months initially anyway.

If you have any information, leads or contacts which you can pass on to me to make a dubious long term move a happy and productive, practical reality I would be most grateful and be sure to pass on the good vibes when I'm there and it's my turn.

P.S. If Bahia Brazil were not to work out I have been led to believe that Buenos Aires is a pretty good bet for teaching work and that it is one of the best and most vibrant locations in all of South America. Again, if you have any information which you could pass on to me regarding Buenos Aires to make a tentative step a much more sure-footed and confident move I would be in your debt.

Best regards to all
Have the time of your life
Peace, Love & Harmony
Seeking secure teaching positions in Central/South America. Safe, small city/town, good school.
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Joined: 17 Aug 2007
Posts: 17
Location: Belgrade

PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 3:03 pm    Post subject: ELT in Brazil Reply with quote

Dear David

I can understand your worries about meagre savings while trying to land a ESOL job.
I have one contact from Argentina, i.e. my online course tutor teaches there and has been teaching there for many years. She teaches in Nile, Norwich UK as well. I may ask her whether she can tell you a few tips.

Perhaps you could visit and Ask around and check out for some good links of language schools of good standing and reputation. Another tip: you can visit HORNBY SUMMER SCHOOL 2007 in Brazil reports and check out the contacts.
I've been in contact with Chris Lima the Project Manager. She is an IATEFL reporter as well.

These are a few tips. If I remember more, I'll write back

Regards from Belgrade, Serbia

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