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Is 9k in GZ reasonable?

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Joined: 23 Sep 2008
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:22 am    Post subject: Is 9k in GZ reasonable? Reply with quote

Hello People.
I have a job opportunity as an English teacher in Guangzhou, China. 18 hours teaching time and 20 hours prep. So a total of 38 hours work per week. The salary is 9000RMB per month and accommodation is not provided. I have a bachelor degree in an unrelated field and no TEFL experience.

In this context, I would like to know whether 9k is reasonable or not.

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Joined: 12 Aug 2008
Posts: 6

PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 6:51 pm    Post subject: 9000 rmb Reply with quote

Yes that is way above average. No experience is also no problem, but it would be better to be prepared for teaching English as a second or foreign language, because this will bear no semblence to anything you have experienced, especially in China. Also beware of offers unless you have a guarantee, because many of those that make those offers are recruiters and not the schools, and if a job is open they have sent out many offers for the same job, like any employment agency. Also they do not have contract law as we know it, so if they break the contract (according to western law) there is little to nothing you can do. I would suggest, if you have not already gone, that you take a course in TEFL or TESOL, and even most of them do not prepare you for a Chinese classroom. Make sure you take a good guide and phrase book with you. I taught there for 7 years, and I went for only one. Some people take to it like I did, and some people are turned off by the cultural (I use the term loosely) differences. Do not expect courtesy, consideration and be sure you are not claustophobic. Take handwipes and never leave home without toilet paper.
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Joined: 29 Oct 2008
Posts: 2

PostPosted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 2:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes that is a good salary. Apartment or not.

I have a recruitment company, Horizon Recruitment.

If we had a job like this one, i would be pushing many people to consider it.
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Joined: 16 Oct 2008
Posts: 15
Location: Shanghai

PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That is very decent for your current qualifications. As long as you make sure they provide you with a visa and curriculum. Get someone to review the contract before you accept it.
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Joined: 06 Nov 2009
Posts: 15

PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2009 3:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

To say this is a good job right off the bat is unwise and irresponsible.

Firstly, does it provide health insurance?

What about accommodation?

If no accommodation, does it provide a house allowance?

Do they cover any of your electricity or internet costs?

If the answers to the above are no, then it is a crap job, and that 9,000 is also crap. Guangzhou is one of the more expensive cities to live, and it also has a highly competitive market. 9,000 in Guangzhou is so so, meaning OK, but certainly not above average, and they had better provide housing

Are those hours you mentioned actual hours or teaching hours, and if teaching hours, how long are the classes? You need to ask that question as well. To be honest it's a lot of work, lot's of teaching time, and a lot of office hours, office hours which could be used to suck extra work out of you. They could have you interviewing new students, Lord only knows what. Do keep in mind that you're signing up for a 40 hour week.

Don't listen to "any" recruiters responding to this post or telling you glowing things about how good it sounds, recruiters deal with crap schools that are not good enough to find teachers themselves, or who are not licensed to hire them. Recruiters are the lowest common denominator in the ESL world, and their expectations in regards to what is or is not good pay are far lower than what actually is good pay for most of us. Also, never use a recruiter, as they will try to sell you on any school that will pay their commission. Do keep in mind that recruiters are making 3-4 thousand yuan from the school they are recommending, sometimes more. For that kind of money, it could be the pits and they will give it a glowing review, and they usually do. Also that money comes out of your future pay. never trust a recruiter, find your own jobs, and contact the school yourself.

My advice, if the answers to most o those questions I listed above are no, is to just keep looking. Good luck.
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Joined: 25 Dec 2009
Posts: 10

PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 3:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The question was framed in much too general a way. Why don't supposedly educated people ask questions in a more serious way? Teaching in China is not just about money, and the money is not just for teaching.

From the question I gather that the employer requires you to spend 20 hours on the school premises; we don't know, though, what kind of 'school' it is. Public schools don't normally require you to sit in their offices. This is what training centres often do - mainly to make sure you do not moonlight.

Then, the salary is paid every month, right? But how many months does your contract specify? Holidays not included? Airfare?

I would say 9,000 yuan is pretty high but if I got it only for 9 months out of the 12 a year has it would not be enough to tide me over the whole year (actually it might, but I do not wish to live under such clouds of uncertainty).

Also, if it is a TC job you might have to travel a lot on Guangzhou's clogged roads. My comment: No thanks!
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