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CELTA . . . Fight the abuse!!!

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Joined: 09 Apr 2011
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2011 4:48 pm    Post subject: CELTA . . . Fight the abuse!!! Reply with quote

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The intensive program offered by CELTA is challenging without a doubt. Itís not the subject matter that poses the challenge for most, itís the time obligation. Eight to nine hours at the school, travel time to and from, plus, four to six hours of homework can break the enthusiasm of the most committed aspirant. Plus, to make the course even more stressful looms the ever present threat of losing your total tuition amount of $2,495.00 if, for any reason, you canít complete the course Ė which I personally find criminal!
Donít fret . . . there is recourse! Together we can STOP this punitive and abusive policy/practice!
(1) You need to hit them on all fronts! Protect yourself by paying for the course with a credit card that provides buyer protection. Put the fact that the school wants to keep your ďtotalĒ tuition in dispute. Many other schools around the world refund a percentage of tuition depending on how much time you spent with the course, or, they will defer you to a part-time course Ė which is fair to the student. The fact that you signed a contract which states you will lose your total tuition upon failure to complete the course does protect them to some degree, however, fairness (or a lack there of) is also a compelling factor. Keeping your $2,495.00 and giving ďnothingĒ in return is simply not fair. Also, one cannot truly appreciate the demands of the course unless they experience it first hand Ė and one size does not fit all!
(2) Post as many complaints as possible! On line youíll find the NYS Consumer Protection Board, where you can fill out a consumer complaint form (the school wants to avoid black marks with the state and will negotiate to protect its reputation). Also, post a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. (If you enrolled in different CELTA program in another state, file with that stateís consumer protection board etc.).
(3) Post your stories to help future CELTA students protect themselves. We as consumers have rights! Students of the world unite! Donít let (NAME REMOVED) (or any other CELTA program) bully you into believing you have no options. They want to protect their reputation; so they will negotiate (especially with a stateís consumer protection board). They also want to avoid pressure from credit card companies!

Pressure them in your complaints for 100% percent of your tuition and donít accept anything less than 75% percent. That way you walk away with something which is better than nothing Ė itís only fair! Most student donít complain and they lose everything . . . the schools are aware of this and they take full advantage of it by factoring it into their profits! STAND UP . . . GET UP . . . DONíT GIVE UP THE FIGHT!!!
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I plan to post answers to common CELTA assignments in the coming months. Some of the writing they considered good wouldn't meet the grade in American universities.
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